Drifter is an exploration of my generation, the Millennial Generation, and the pervasive melancholia that many of us seem to confront. We are equally dark and hopeful, drifting aimlessly without a sense of grounding or purpose, unable to anticipate a future direction. This paradox is the crisis that we confront, consciously or not. We are part of a culture that can fall prey to prejudice, cling to personal mindset, and self-impose ideologies. My generation is exposed to an uptick in global violence and divisiveness, and I see an urgent need to react. But we’re just drifting.


This series explores these dilemmas through one sole figure. The paradoxes are explored through color—from achromatic paintings in black and white to vivid pigments that permeate the environment. The achromatic paintings reference our inner darkness. When color permeates both the model and his surroundings, in a kind of kaleidoscopic chaos, it is a celebration of hope. Through use of color, the figure and the background become separated, returning to the idea that the millennial exists amidst but also apart from the world. By playing with perception, the figure comes into the viewer’s personal space